Define Your Common Goal


During the Define Your Common Goal phase, partners come together to discuss and work toward a shared vision of what they hope to accomplish with their students. The common goal can be derived from a common need or challenge identified in the students, a strategy to be explored collaboratively, or new content to be introduced.

During the Define Your Common Goal phase , you and your partner come together to discuss and to work toward a shared vision of what you hope to accomplish with your students during your collaboration.

Using the areas of collaboration listed below, you work together to choose a common idea as the starting point for your collaboration.

Areas of collaboration

Once you have chosen a common idea, it is important to refine it into a clearly defined common goal statement.

When you refine your common goal statement, include the following elements:

  • an action that both teachers will carry out, such as: plan, collaborate, increase, provide, organize…
  • an element of collaboration indicating how teachers will work together, such as: common, complementary…
  • an expected impact on student learning, such as: to improve, to increase…

Keep in mind that your common goal should be attainable, relevant, manageable and observable.
Here are a few examples of common goal statements:

  • To give the same types of feedback to students in both classes to improve the sentence structure used in their narrative writing.
  • To use a common oral communication rubric to influence students’ interactions during group discussions.
  • To plan complementary language activities for both the English and French classes to increase the use of adjectives in students’ creative writing.

Now that you have defined your common goal, you are well on your way to developing a solid plan of action collaboratively.

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Defining Your Common Goal