During the Plan phase, partners design and write their plan together. While keeping their common goal in mind, they discuss different types of activities that will deepen student learning. Collaboratively, they think about how their activities connect and build upon one another. Based on this discussion, they develop an outline of their plan.

During the Plan phase, you and your partner design and develop your plan together. With your common goal in mind, you discuss different types of activities that will deepen student learning while working to ward the expected impact. Collaboratively, you develop an outline of your plan that includes a sequence of activities that connect and build upon one another.
Your activities can include opportunities to:

  • introduce a new concept
  • build upon previous learning
  • assess impact on students
  • reinvest student learning
  • check for understanding
  • reinforce the understanding of a difficult concept

It is important to consider and determine how you will both gather information about the expected impact you defined in your common goal and add it to your plan. Information gathering methods include interviews, video recordings, images, anecdotal records, and samples of student work such as writing, quizzes, and exams. Keep in mind that although you are both working toward a common goal, the methods you choose may be different in each of your classes.

A few other important elements to keep in mind are your program, the time available and the materials you may need to carry out your plan.

Keeping a written plan allows each of you to track your progress and any modifications made throughout your collaboration.

Now that you have agreed upon a plan you are ready to move into action.

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